bulthaup b2

bulthaup b2

With the bulthaup b2 kitchen workshop, we are radically rethinking the concept of the kitchen and cooking. All key functions are concentrated in three elements: kitchen workbench with work area, cooktop and water point, and two tool cabinets for appliances, crockery, tools and supplies. A kitchen for pioneers in the art of thinking and living.

With the “poetic analysis”, the developers from EOOS Design approach complex design challenges in a unique way. As well as contemporary perspectives, their work is also influenced by archetypal images, rituals and stories. The result is a vision for the present that will carry through to the future: bulthaup b2- the systematic new evolutionary concept of the open kitchen.

bulthaup b2 embodies the essence of what makes a kitchen. At the beginning, the actual space required in kitchen cabinets was determined, as was the amount of cooking tools, crockery and appliances needed. The important items were separated from the less important ones, and the greatest possible concentration on the essentials was achieved through perfect order, clarity and closeness to hand.

bulthaup b2 permits change. Each of the three timeless, flexible and enduring modern elements is a piece of furniture within the living space. These items can be re-combined, moved and added to again and again. Technology is always present, but deliberately hidden behind closed doors. When the cabinets are open, the whole cosmos of the kitchen unfurls at a glance. When the doors are closed and the workbench is cleared, the three pieces of furniture transform into pure, stand-alone units.